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frau kaleun 04-26-10 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Immelman (Post 1374287)
Nope you couldn't even turn it let alone fire it with a single guy. It would take half an hour just to prep the gun for firing with a single guy :o

Um yeah, that's what I thought. I always have that station manned to the max.

Though it's good to know that I can make up for the lack of a PO with a gun qual by having a WO on duty who also has one.

frau kaleun 04-26-10 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1374290)
The reason I said leave one guy on the gun is because that is the minimum the game will allow and will certainly show you a very small 'green bar'....efficiency rating to act as a starting point.

Lol, that's kind of what I thought. I guess the real test would be to put only one dude there and then order the gun fired at something and see how well he does.

"Dude, what's taking so long? The guy on the bridge yelling directions at you is fully qualified for deck gun duty. Chop chop!" :O:

Immelman 04-26-10 02:53 PM

Third War Patrol
Date: 24 Jul 1942
Time: 20:33
Patrolling PZ South of Malta

“Aircraft of the port bow, medium range and closing!”
“ALAAARM! Dive the boat Chief fast. Clear the bridge!”
The sounds of a stampeding crew brought me out of a fitful sleep as the crew scrambled to transfer all possible weight forward shaving seconds off our dive time. By the time I got to the control room I had to hold on tight to the periscope, the steep angle of the deck threw me off balance. The deck tilted further as the diving planes fully extended bit the water driven by the props that were turning at maximum revolutions. Without any prompting from me as soon as we passed 30m Gerhart ordered a hard turn to port turning in the arc of the bombing run the text book evasive maneuver. A few seconds later a splash was heard followed by an explosion that rocked the boat.
Bombing run on U-83's last known position. In the middle of the spotlight the bomb is dropping...

“Damage report, Chief check the boat for leaks, pay extra attention to the aft compartments.”
“Yes Sir!”
“Gerhart, what the hell happened exactly?”
“He came out of nowhere Sir. We couldn’t see him in the bloody overcast. It’s a miracle he saw us in this storm!”
“Miracle or a technological marvel called radar lad. Either way we are lucky to be alive. Lets hope the boys back home come up with a counter to it soon or its going to put us out of business. Good thing you spotted him when you did. A few seconds later…”
“Wasn’t me this time herr Kaleun, it was Albert that spotted it.”
“So the Becks goes to young Albert, good job lad we will make a sailor out of you yet”

Third War Patrol
Date: 28 Jul 1942
Time: 04:17
Patrolling PZ South of Malta

“Is this bloody storm ever going to pass her Kaleun?”
“It will Gerhart, like all storms it will pass eventually. In the meant time we stay down here nice and relatively dry.”
“Your move Sir”
“Bold move old boy. Check”
Think of it this way, we sit here and play chess while Johan has to do all the hard work! Now how great is that?”
“Not so great Sir since I have lost the last two games.”
“Anything new Johan?” My IWO asks hopefully.
“Still intermittent contact, I keep loosing her in all this background noise from the storm its hard to get a fix, but its firming up Sir.”
“Very well keep at it lad.” I tell him with a smile. “Not off the hook yet friend we still have time to finish up.”

Third War Patrol
Date: 28 Jul 1942
Time: 04:52
Patrolling PZ South of Malta

“Now that was a perfectly executed blindfolded attack herr Kaleun!”
“Preceded by a text book hydrophone triangulation. Thanks to Johan we didn’t even need to see her to find her exact position course and speed. In this bloody storm it would have been impossible to find her unless we accidentally rammed her.”
“Unbelievable Sir!”
“What are you praising me for? I was busy kicking your butt at chess while he was doing it all.”
"We are lucky to have found what's left of her at all, even on fire she was hard to spot in this storm"
U-83 managed to find the stricken ship in time before it sunk beneath the waves.

frau kaleun 04-26-10 06:07 PM

Just finished going through my patrol log, turns out I actually sank 13 merchants and 2 destroyers for a total of 15 ships sunk. :O: Here's the official rundown.

U-49, 2 U-Flotilla Saltzwedel
ObltzS Helmut Wolf, Commander

Patrol 2

August 26, 1939, 01:29
Departed: Wilhelmshaven
Mission Orders: Patrol grid BF19

September 7, 1939, 22:09
Grid AM 57
Ship sunk: SS Adherity (Coastal Freighter), 1869 tons
Cargo: Scrap Metal.
Crew/lost: 24/4

September 8, 1939, 01:56
Grid AM 57
Ship sunk: SS Barbacena (Granville-type Freighter), 4707 tons
Cargo: Military Stores
Crew/lost: 67/38

September 9, 1939, 08:22
Grid BE 33
Ship sunk: SS England (Tramp Steamer), 2076 tons
Cargo: Wine/Spirits
Crew/lost: 24/0

September 10, 1939, 00:01
Grid BF 14
Ship sunk: SS Mona (Tramp Steamer), 2077 tons
Cargo: Coffee
Crew/lost: 35/30

September 11, 1939, 21:45
Grid BF 19
Ship sunk: Q Ship HMS Brutus (Small Freighter), 2364 tons
Crew/lost: 78/66

September 14, 1939, 20:19
Grid BF 13
Ship sunk: HMS Bulldog (A&B classes), 1350 tons
Crew: 177
Crew lost: 67

September 19, 1939, 15:38
Grid BF 11
Ship sunk: SS Accordance (Coastal Freighter), 1870 tons
Cargo: General Cargo
Crew/lost: 32/6

September 21, 1939, 15:07
Grid BF 18
Ship sunk: SS City of Hull (Large Merchant), 11512 tons
Cargo: Phosphates
Crew/lost: 98/97

September 22, 1939, 03:35
Grid BF 19
Ship sunk: SS A. M. Simpson (Coastal Freighter), 1872 tons
Cargo: Scrap Metal
Crew/lost: 30/13

September 23, 1939, 13:40
Grid BF 19
Ship sunk: HMS Wanderer (V&W class), 1188 tons
Crew/lost: 102/69

September 24, 1939, 13:56
Grid BF 18
Ship sunk: SS Zealand (Tramp Steamer), 2258 tons
Cargo: IronOre
Crew/lost: 31/11

September 26, 1939, 14:48
Grid AM 87
Ship sunk: Q Ship HMS Maunder (Small Freighter), 1969 tons
Crew/lost: 75/16

September 27, 1939, 03:59
Grid AM 76
Ship sunk: SS Hastings (Coastal Freighter), 1873 tons
Cargo: Coal
Crew/lost: 21/0

September 28, 1939, 01:56
Grid AM 46
Ship sunk: SS Nebraska (Large Merchant), 9449 tons
Cargo: Grain
Crew/lost: 56/55

October 5, 1939, 00:17
Grid AF 75
Ship sunk: SS Santa Clara (Medium Cargo), 3884 tons
Cargo: Military Vehicles
Crew/lost: 54/35

October 9, 1939, 09:41
Returned: Wilhelmshaven
Crew losses: 0
Merchants sunk: 13, 47780 GRT
Warships sunk: 2, 2538 GRT
Aircraft destroyed: 0
Total ships sunk: 15
Patrol tonnage: 50318 GRT

Promotions: Matrosengefreiter Hans Emmerich, Matrosengefreiter Klaus Meyer, Matrosengefreiter Wilhelm Scholten, and Matrosengefreiter Paul Werner, to Matrosenobergefreiter

Awards: Oberleutnant z. See Helmut Wolf, Iron Cross 2nd Class

Weiss Pinguin 04-26-10 09:48 PM

Well, decided to duke it out with a PBY today. Manned the lone machine gun on the conning tower, and decided to pull out the deck gun just because. (Not many flying targets bigger than a PBY, after all)

For my trouble I got a salvo of 3 bombs, all along the starboard side of the boat. Some minor flooding, a little damage, but nothing compared to the 5 guys on deck who bought it - Lost an officer, and a watch-qualified Oberbootsman! :dead: All of this on Christmas Day no less!

To make it worse a little bit later I got an update on the merchant I had tried to intercept earlier. :shifty:

Wilbo 04-27-10 06:35 AM

My first post :salute:

Just started my first ever campaign, after buying SHIII through Steam this weekend. So, a quick report on my first ever mission!


In Summer 1939, I was given my first command - a Type IIA with the 1st Flotilla, with a mission to patrol just outside of the Firth of Forth. I left Wilhelmshaven to cheering crowds and plotted my route.

On arriving at my destination, at night and in clear weather, I spotted a cargo ship and dove to periscope depth, switched to the electric engines and moved to intercept it, setting myself up for a right-angled attack as it passed by at a distance of about 1000 metres. As it passed in front, I launched two torpedoes with a ten second interval – a minute or two later and KABOOOOOM! We hit her dead-centre, so she burst into flames, but then KABOOOOOOOOOOM! The second torpedo hit and she split in two.

Later on, I found a single fishing boat. I wasn’t sure if it was a worthy target and felt a bit guilty, but gave it a go anyway, with a single torpedo. KABOOOOOM! This one blew up into the air before crashing back down. The poor fisherman actually saved lives by taking my torpedo though, much to my annoyance, for later on I spotted a giant cargo ship, which I hit with my last two torpedoes dead centre, heavily damaging it but allowing it to crawl into port, albeit very low in the water... If only I hadn’t taken out the damn fishing boat!

My crew extremely tired, I then spent some time swapping them around to get some rest while fleeing back to Wilhelmshaven, travelling by periscope in the day, as I was being hunted by small aircraft.

Mission complete and back in port, I’ve now hired some more crew and bought a flak gun to deal with the damn air support!


I'm currently using auto targeting, but intend to give manual a shot - I figure it'll improve my trigonometry skills!

Jimbuna 04-27-10 07:13 AM

Welcome aboard Wilbo


frau kaleun 04-27-10 07:53 AM

Ahoy and welcome, Wilbo! :salute:

KL-alfman 04-27-10 09:08 AM

welcome to the pack! :salute:

Immelman 04-27-10 09:22 AM

Third War Patrol
Date: 09 Sep 1942
Time: 10:31
Arriving at La Spezia

“Ah, home sweet home!” I exclaim with delight as I give the city of La Spezia the once over with my binoculars.
Friendly U-boat

“There’s our escort Sir of the port bow.”
U-83 from the escort

“There’s no place like home!”
U-83 safely docked

Weiss Pinguin 04-27-10 01:19 PM

Well, just bagged another 14k tons or so. Got a contact report of a merchant south of us heading our direction, so I put together an intercept and steamed over. We we arrived I dropped down to 25 meters and reversed course to meet the merchant. Apparently my soundman was sleeping, though, as he only reported the merchant after it was right on top of us. I shot up the periscope, and I mean it was literally RIGHT NEXT TO THE BOAT HOLY CRAP.

So I called ahead flank, brought the boat around, and blew ballast, thinking I would hop on the deck gun as soon as we broached and blow the bejazzus out the ship. As soon as I jumped on the conning tower, though, I was greeted by TWO ships, both of which were armed and less than 200 meters away. :o

Quickly ordered the boat back down to periscope depth at ahead flank, but before not before I lost my soundman (Serves the lazy bugger right) and radio operator, and took a few hits along the hull.

As soon as I could pop the periscope back up I set up a snapshot on the trailing ship, and fired off with both aft tubes, and then tubes #1 and #3 as soon as the bow came around. Once the torpedoes were on their way I worked up a solution on the lead merchant (I didn't even know what type she was, so I had to eyeball the range and took a wild guess at the draft), and emptied the remaining forward tubes into her.

All torpedoes hit, and sent up some impressive fireworks. As soon as I decided they were going down I surfaced the boat again, and sent a few rounds with the deck gun into the lead ship, just to get back at them for scaring the everliving crap out of me.

When I calmed back down I checked the log, and it turns out I knocked out a large merchant (10000+ GRT) and a medium merchant (4000+/- GRT), in exchange for 2 crewmembers. Heading for Freetown now, but if this keeps up I won't have a crew by the time I return to Lorient. :lol:

Fozzy22 04-27-10 01:47 PM

My last patrol had to end early in my IXB as i got strafed by two Hurricanes off Gibraltar and my hull integrity was 45%, that and i couldn't hit anything in the horrible weather we were in. :cry: Ah well there's always the next patrol. :up:

Exakt 04-27-10 06:05 PM

Sadly for all of you chaps, I will most likely post less often my progress, since I have just started working at Beenox, an Activision-Blizzard studio.

Also, sadly, as per the NDA I have signed today, I will not be able to discuss, review, submit cheat codes, walkthroughs, easter eggs and "Will Not Fix" bugs and coming titles that I will be working on, you will know when reading the credits of those games (Jason Gagne will be the name to look for... *shameless*)... Also, I can no longer work on mods, to say that I was actually starting to submit skins for ships and subs, but can no longer release anything publicly.

Maybe in 3 months, I will be able, if they don't renew my contract (of which I doubt that they will not renew).

KL-alfman 04-27-10 07:26 PM

congrats for the new job!

but you can still play and write your stories, I assume?! :D

Davy_Jones 04-27-10 08:37 PM

Date April 1st 1941
Time 17:14
Ship DKM Bismark (WSM3)
Location 221 miles from Halifax

I have just stumbled on to a escorted convoy about 40 ship 10 destroyers and when i arrived their i see a resupply Uboat using its deck gun against the escorts so i go to rescue the Uboat by taking out the escorts and the armed ships

Date April 1st 1941
Time 17:16
Ship DKM Bismark (WSM3)
Location 222 miles from Halifax

Unfortunately The Uboat has been destroyed by the escort :nope: it slowly sank to the bottom of the sea if only i was their earlier... on the way back i held a moment of silence for the fallen comrades

Total tonnage 169857 tonnes

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