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Gerald 06-17-11 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by Snestorm (Post 1685710)
0520: Underway from Lorient.
Orders: Commence operations in CA63.
Assigned area therefrom: Grid CA, in it's entirety.
Special instructions: Firing upon submarines is prohibited.

Biscay was passed submerged by day, and Ahead Standard by night.

26.feb.42 (The following times ar local Zone Time).
CC15 (S of Skt Lawrence Seaway)
1918: Hydrophone operator reports medium speed merchant closing, just prior to our nightly surfacing. Course & Speed are guesstimated at 086 making 9 knots, based on a New York origin and our position as destination.
1924: Surface. Both diesels Full Ahead, with a 30 degree lead on target's guesstimated course. TDC preset to 90 degree port AOB, 9 knots, 3 meters impact (magnetic pistols removed per BDU), 2 degree spread on tubes 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E).
1951: "Ship spotted! 288. Long range."
Turn bow on. Ahead Slow. We slightly outran him, confirming his estimated course. AOB setting reversed to 90 degrees starboard.
1952: Set turns for 2 knots. Target IDed as a C2 Cargo.
1953: Stern gun mount noted. (Too rough for our deck gun at 8 M/S).
The range closes fast, but if I slow the boat can't lead the target.
2000: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E). Spread opened to 5 degrees. Range 700 meters.
Back Slow. Impact! Impact! Miss!
2101: Fire 3 (G7A).
2102: Impact! On the bow. C2 sunk for 6.446 GRT. Torpedo run 55 seconds.
Area departed at high speed. All tubes reloaded following pre-sunrise dive.

2227: Med speed merchant picked up on sound.
Moving away. Heavy Fog & Rain. No persuit given.

1500: On station at assigned entry grid.
Overcast. Medium Fog. 15 m/s.

0400: Overcast. Medium Fog. 8 m/s.
Total depth: 93 meters.
Location: 70 miles SW of Montauk Light, Long Island.
No encounters in US coastal waters thus far.
U39 closing Long Island's south shore in hopes of locating New York - Boston, or New York - Halifax trafik.
Secondary search area is to be New Jersey's coastline, if neccesary.

It is pretty good for ya now,:up:

sublynx 06-17-11 01:29 PM

U-552, patrol 7, report 2
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE34

Statusbericht 22.8.1943
1432 AF75 clear, visibility 8 – 9 kilometers, wind 15 m/s. Continuing towards our patrol grid with a full load of 12 torpedoes.

1501 AF75 Metox warning. Dived.
2103 AF75 Metox warning. Dived.


gazpode_l 06-17-11 06:27 PM

Pat2, Rpt6 - R Hessler U-65 (IXB)
Pat2, Rpt6 - R Hessler U-65 (IXB)
23/10 9:50pm
A periscope sweep shows 1x flower class, 1x asw trawler, one at 3km and the other at 5km. They appear to be heading away - we must now be careful not to allow them to re-aquire us, otherwise we will be under attack again!

23/10 10pm
OH NO! Looks like they have re-acquired us again! the nearest one is now 1km away direction of bow towards us! :doh:

23/10 10:30pm
Enemy is observed making several passing runs at us, but no charges are ever dropped! :o TIME TO GET NASTY! P/D is ordered! :88)

23/10 10:40pm
@ P/D we notice we are being tailed by an ASW trawler as we are ahead flank ATM. time to rid us of this Menice! LOS tube 5!

23/10 10:41pm
DETONATION! Torpedo explodes on target and she's dead in the water immediately. She slips below the surface in minutes!

23/10 10:50
The other enemy vessel is running astern of us, coming right onto our path! Next time he jinks to S/board, we will shoot our torpedo! OH! THERE HE GOES!!! LOS!!!!!

23/10 11pm
WE ARE ALONE AT LAST! :rock: the other "Corvette" Was eliminated in the exact same way as it's counterpart and finally we are alone on this sea, which the guys are thankful for, and we can now get some rest!!!! NAH! not a chance! Whilst the weather is good, time to bring in the external reloads!

Involving alot of officer power, we bring in the external's very quickly and within an hour all of them are in (some six torpedoes) with five reloads for'ard and two aft, leaving one reload both sides.

24/10 - 1am
Watch crew is on deck,all other hands are ordered to bed, other than essential navigational and engine staff, who will hand over after a few hours. those who manned the battery rooms during the attacks are also sent for rest.

24/10 7am
First light observed with all officers on the bridge, tea in hand, raising mugs of tea to the sun, in a salute to our foes, and the brave men who were lost at sea last night! :O:

SAVE & EXIT: 23:50hrs R/L time (Friday!)

General comments:
U-39 had to pass-up a recent convoy attack due to being out of torpedoes from earlier combat. She was last heard of on the far side of the atlantic. sinking small american vessels on her newest patrol.

U-552 continues to be harrased by aircraft

No recollection of any other news from other u-boat crews. Let's hope they are safe & well and are merely resting if they are not in action...if they ARE, STAY SAFE guys! :up:

@ sublynx: Thanks for your kind words recently. Two more enemy escorts felt my wrath tonight! man it was good sinking im back to empty seas but the conditions are beautiful. might have to watch the brudge crew dont get sunburnt!!!!

VONHARRIS 06-18-11 12:09 AM

U-505 IXC Patrol 18 rpt 1
U-505 was ready to sail from Lorient to EE71. A new radar was installed plus 4 of the new TI FaT I torps were loaded

U-39 is on her way to the US East coast , having already success against enemy ships.
News are good for U-65: She has managed to sink her attackers and she is all in one piece to celebrate her success of sinking the HMS Nelson
The new AA configuration of U-552 has proved effective as she shot down an enemy aircraft.
Nothing new on U-93. She is on patrol.

13 March 1943
19:30 hours
U-505 left Lorient

Several Meteox warnings when crossing the Bay of Biscay but no sightings or attacks
17 March 1943
Grid BE99
04:18 hours Merchant seen , dived to PD
04: 22 hours Ship indentified as coastal freighter flying Greek colors
04:44 hours 1 bow torpedo fired
04:48 hours Nothing observed so 1 more bow torpedo fired
04:51 hours Impact , ship on fire slowing down and listing heavily
04:55 hours Surface and engaged enemy from 3000m
04;56 hours Ship sunk after 5 105mm rounds

19 March 1943
Grid CG44
02:36 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
02:57 hours Sound contacts : warships and merchants closing
03:51 hours After calculations were done 4 torps were fired : 1 T1 FaT1 and 3 TIs
03:57 hours 1 explosion heard
04:03 hours 2 stern T1s fired
06:32 hours After nothing was heard nor contacts were on hydrophones ,
U-505 surfaced

20 March 1943
Grid CF93
12:37 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
12;54 hours Warship sound contact closing
12:57 hours Merchant sound contacts closing
13:45 hours Small convoy flying US colors , one Somers class escorting calm seas 1 bow torpedo fired
13:46 hours 2 more bow torpedeos fired
13;48 houts Impact on passenger/cargo , 2 impacts on large merchant
13:57 hours Having turned around the stern tubes are brought to action. 2 torpedoes fired on the large merchant , diving to 100m no pinging
13:59 hours 2 impacts heard followed by sinking sounds. Large merchant sunk
14:18 hours Depth 90m no pinging
16:57 hours surfaced

Current position : 25 March 1943 Grid DG94 sailing south west for EE71

sublynx 06-18-11 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by gazpode_l (Post 1686135)
Two more enemy escorts felt my wrath tonight! man it was good sinking those...

I can imagine that :DL Those escorts sure didn't know when to call it a day and down they went as punishment. Most excellent! :arrgh!:

VONHARRIS 06-18-11 01:49 AM

U-505 IXC Patrol 18 END
07 April 1943
Grid EE72
01:35 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
02:07 hours Warship moving away
05:12 hours Surfaced

Grid EE71
10:04 hours Reached patrol grid
19:42 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
19:56 hours Warship moving away
20:29 hours Surfaced

09 April 1943
Grid ED91
22:39 hours moving to intercept convoy
22:58 hours Meteox warning dived to PD
23:13 hours Multiple sounds convoy approaching
23:50 hours 2 T I FaT I fired + 2 T I fired
23:52 hours Impact - sinking sounds - impact Turbine tanker sunk
23:53 hours Impact
23:57 hours Pinging - 2 TI stern torpedoes fired - down to 100m silent running

10 April 1943
06:05 hours Surfaced 2 T Is + 1 TI FaT I remain - return

28 April 1943
Grid CF98
07:59 hours Meteox warning PD
08:12 hours Multiple warships sounds - enemy task force
08:51 hours All torpedoes fired agianst enemy CVE USS Long Island
08:52 hours 3 impacts - CVE sinking
08:53 hours Diving to 100m - silent running - Bold launched
08:55 hours Constant pinging DCs explode ................

U-505 is no more!

Total Career results
18 patrols (+)
669 days at sea
86 ships sunk (77 merchants + 9 warships 1CVE included)
583.303 tons sunk (554.548 merchant + 28755 warships)
5 aircrafts shot down

Snestorm 06-18-11 02:47 AM


Originally Posted by Vendor (Post 1685779)
It is pretty good for ya now,:up:

It sure is.
Thanks, pal.

Snestorm 06-18-11 02:50 AM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 11. Part 2.
12.mar.42 (All times given as local Zone Time)
CA37 (Medium Fog. Wind 8 M/S.)
1025: Sound. Medium speed warship. Closing.
Total depth is 71 meters. Remained at 25 meters.
Contact presented no threat.

1148: Sound. Slow merchant. Closing.
1224: Guesstimated course and speed, 292 making 6 knots.
1227: Surface for interception. Total depth is 73 meters.
1307: 15 meter sound check. Total depth is 56 meters.
1312: Sound reports contact maintaining constant distance.
1313: 10 minute surface sprint.
1329: New estimations, 268 making 7 knots.
1339: Target (wrongly) IDed as a C2 Cargo. Bow gun mount noted.
1341: Target course correction to 266.
1343: Fire 1, 2, 4 (TII G7E). 3 meters depth. 5 degree spread.
1344: 3 impacts. C3 Refrigerated Cargo sunk for 7.923 GRT.
Range was 1.000 meters. Torpedo run was 68 seconds.
Sinking took place 50 miles SE of Montauk Light (Long Island).
1355: New course 266. Following target's track toward New York City.

0450: Predawn dive. Total depth is 73 meters.
27 miles S of Montauk Light.

0440: Predawn dive. Total depth is 43 meters.
14 miles S of Long Island.

1750: 10 miles off Long Island. 20 miles ESE of Long Beach.
Total depth is 30 meters. Making for deeper water.

1900: Nightly surface. Medium Rain. Heavy Fog. Wind 7 M/S.

0210: Sound. Medium speed warship. Total depth is 49 meters.

0704: Sound. Medium speed warship.

1544: Sound. Slow Merchant closing. (Heavy Fog remains).
1559: Guesstimated course 280, making 6 knots.
1714: Fire 1, 2, 4. Depth 3 meters. Spread 3 degrees.
Target (wrongly) IDed as a C2 Cargo. (All I saw was her stack).
1715: 3 impacts. C3 Refrigerated Cargo sunk for 7.924 GRT.
Range was at (or under!) 300 meters. Torpedo run time 19 seconds!!!
U39 was put into Full Back upon firing for collision avoidance.
Trim was no longer an issue!
Following a hard rudder, the boat was again righted in a forward direction.
All bow torpedoes expended.
External stern tubes presenting a problem due to dark nights.
Vacating the area eastward.

1732: Sound. Med speed warship closing. Total depth is 30 meters.
Due to his late arrival, evasion was non-problematic.

0059: Sound. Fast merchant closing. 10 minute surface sprint, head on.
Heavy fog remains.
0122: Fire 5, 6. (TI G7A) on sound. 3 meter depth. fired individualy with a pause.
Guesstimated course 090, making 15 knots.
0126: Single impact. Target speed was under 15 knots.
Torpedo run time unknown, as tube 5 missed.
Extremely lucky hit. The calculated torpedo missed, while the paused torpedo hit.
All 12 torpedoes expended.
0129: Following target on sound.
0154: Target reclassified from Fast to Slow.
0601: Target lost. U39 remaining submerged, ommitting the predawn recharge.

0432: "Depth under keel over 1.000 meters", sounded realy good.

0420: New orders. "U39 to proceed til Kiel. Report to training flotilla."

Save & Exit.

Watch crew to keep a sharp eye open for U552 in the area of Bergen.

U65 had a further surprise for Tommy. The hunted, became the hunter, sinking 2 RN vessels, in addition to previousely sinking HMS Nelson. Getting pushy with U65 is not a good idé!
What year is/was that?

The crew is saddened to hear of the loss of U505, after doing everyone a big favor, in sinking an enemy Escort Carrier.
What will become of our days and nights in Lorient?

BigK 06-18-11 05:14 AM

Patrol 29
U-123, 2nd Flotilla
Left at: April 12, 1942, 01:23
From: Lorient
Mission Orders: Patrol grid CA28
Our patrolgrid was located 1 grid east of New York Harbor. We set a course across the atlantic and steamed ahead ! We encountered a lone large merchant and sank it with about 60 shots from the deck gun.

1231 Grid BE 65 Large Merchant, 10615 tons

A good start always helps so with high morale we continued westwards. We installed a new radar before this patrol so we used it to monitor ships coming out of the harbor. These were all small fish however. I called the senior officers together and revealed my plan; we were going to sneak into the harbor itself. It can't all be small fish swimming in the pond right? :rock:

Patrol were surprisingly light and we got in the harbor without trouble, also because of the bad weather and low visibility. We went down to periscope depth in the morning to get as much out of our oxygen as possible.

We mapped the harbor and anchored ships and determined the order in which to attack. Our first attack run resulted in the following kills:


Grid CA 28 Large Tanker, 9677 tons
Grid CA 27 Clemson class, 1190 tons
1202 Grid CA 27 Large Tanker, 9858 tons
1208 Grid CA 27 Liberty Cargo, 7373 tons
Grid CA 27 Large Troop Ship, 25007 tons

After this attack all our internal torpedoes were spent. It was too dangerous to sneak out and back in so we waited till night and surfaced in a small bay inside the harbor. We took all of our external torpedoes inside and reloaded our tubes before setting out to kill some more.

Over the night some of our marked ships had lifted anchor and left so we had to do some more recon before engaging. It paid off because we found some more big ships anchored to the north of the harbor in the river.


1129 Grid CA 27 Liberty Cargo, 7351 tons
Grid CA 27 Ceramic-type Ocean Liner, 14534 tons

This was our most succesfull patrol yet, sinking little over 85000 tons. We left the harbour but got detected about 25k out. We were deptcharged and our propellors were damaged. Our newly installed bold system saved our asses and we managed to rendezvous with U-461, a milkcow sub. Currently retanking and reloading to go at it again.

BdU had a sad message, U-505 has been sunk. She and her crew will be remembered as heroes.:salute:

Kip336 06-18-11 06:23 AM

Patrol 12 Log

U-336 VIIB

DATE/Time Location/Weather Log
30 Jan - 1941
12:30 Lorient Departed. Escorted by minesweeper untill Point 1
13:00 Minesweeper dismissed, course 310

18:00 Position fixed, continued to operations area.

20:32 Crash dive practice. Hydrophone listen
21:30 Surfaced

31 Jan - 1941

10:30 BF19 Radio message. Large convoy BF15, WSW 8 knots.
Set course to intercept
14:30 Smoke on the horizon. An L Class AA Destroyer shows up
14:46 Destroyer turns towards us, he is enaging me!. Dive, silent running
15:40 Destroyer is getting inaccurate. Periscope Depth
Tube V, 550m, brg 160 AOB 35red, Speed 15 knots. Los!
15:41 Hit! She sinks! Continued along intercept track for convoy
16:40 BF13 I see flames on the horizon, must be the convoy. I continue along the track, before noticing I'm already past the convoy and am following a straggler. Turned around and backtracked for an attack run from the other side
16:48 Tube IV; Distance 1600, bearing 350, 8 knots. Angle on bow 60 red. Los! 1 minute later; Tube III, distance 800, bearing 345, 8 knots, angle on bow 50 green. Los! Torpedo's should arrive at the same time
16:51 One ore carrier hit. She starts to list, but continues to go on. Tube III hits a merchant for 5000T. She breaks up and sinks rapidly. She ID's herself with light signals as the Queen of the Seas.
17:04 Destroyers come to show their frustration
22:07 BF1369 No destroyers in periscope sight, surface the boat, commence repairs
Wind 4ms/0, mod. Vis
23:59 All internal tubes reloaded.

01 Feb - 1941
0:48 BF13 Smoke on the horizon! Soon followed by a est. 10.000 ton freighter out of the fog, brg 355, aob 20 green
Decks awash ordered, prepare for surface attack
0:59 BF13 Tube II + III, 450 meter, brg 0 deg Aob 90 green, 6 knots, 3 deg. spread. 1 hit, 1 dud.
0:05 Surface the boat, coup de grace with 22 88mm shells. Their gun fired about 4 rounds in 4 minutes
0:17 Picked up a lifeboat. Gave them a compass heading to land, and took her papers. .
She's the SS. Umengi, a 10,620GRT merchant. Headed for Bristol, bringing in grain. She sunk very fast!
0:43 BF13
Good weather, mod vis Left the area, continued on course to intercept the convoy

12:00 Days run: /\343 KM -- \/58km
15:12 BF15 Destroyer off our port bow, headed away, making about 8 knots. Turned hard away to avoid being seen. Must be the rear escort of the convoy
15:18 Can now clearly see the destroyer, AOB about 80 green. His course must be about 160-170. Made neccesary course change to intercept
16:15 Passing the destroyer on bearing 270. I can now clearly see the masts from the convoy on front of it.
16:52 Periscope depth, turned towards the convoy, filled tubes for underwater attack. Strangely, I find myself in exactly the same position as our last attack. Might not be the best idea, but no time to change position.
The front Ore carrier is gone. Either in the back of the convoy, or dropped out.
17:08 Firing position!
I - IV; 1300m, brg 350, AOB 70 green,8 knots. 2 degree spread. 5m deep, IMP pistol.
Both torpedoes hit the 5083 "SS Empire Curlew"
All torpedo's expended, dived deep and turned away. Hydrophone reports the destroyers searching in the other direction. Life's good.
18:03 Surfaced. Visual contact with convoy lost

02 Feb - 1941
0:38 Watch spots a small, 4000 ton freighter. headed towards us. Periscope depth and waited
0:49 Now clearly visible, at about 2000 meters.
0:52 She gradually gets bigger, must be further away then I first expected.
Another freighter is trailing behind her. they must be 6000m away, and about 2000 - 2500 GRT
1:01 All torpedo's expanded... The crew is itching for a last freighter before we head back. Listened on the hydro at 30m, but no escorts to hear
1:03 Time to suprise them. Blow all ballast, gun crews ready at the hatches!
1:08 Opening fire with the 88mm
1:19 Both of them go down after about 20 grenades
Listened to their radio traffic.By the high amount of it, there must be someone close
SS Inari, 2229grt
SS Inger Toft, 2230 grt

12:00 Days run
Days run: /\380 KM -- \/23km

03 Feb - 1941
1:00 Reached Lorient, docked in Pen

BF13 L Class AA Destroyer, 1690 grt
BF13 SS Queen of the Seas, 5081 grt
BF13 SS Umengi, 10620 grt
BF15 SS Empire Curlew, 5083grt
BF15 SS Inari, 2229 grt
BF15 SS Inger Toft, 2230 grt

Or Check;

sublynx 06-18-11 10:38 AM

U-552, patrol 7, end report
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol BE34

3.10.1943, Bergen

Action report.
On 23.8.1943 0328 hours, grid AF77 two twinengined airplanes sighted coming straight at us at a range of 3000 - 4000 meters. No time for a safe A+20 dive, so Flak guns were readied. They made their approach at a dive of 45 - 55 degrees, making accurate hitting hard. Bombs dropped very close to the stern of the boat killing Matrosengefreiters Ernst Gusdorf and Kurt Weidenhammer. The boat was very badly damaged and I ordered the boat to dive to A-50. The bodies of Gusdorf and Weidenhammer were unfortunately swept to the sea as there was no time to haul them in. The boat slowly sinked to A-20, out of control, water flooding in as damage reports were collected. Four departments flooding, electrical engines knocked out, one of the batteries knocked out, malfunctioning equipment everywhere. Main bilge pump damaged, but working. Prepared the boat for surfacing and scuttling. Blowing ballast tanks raised the boat to periscope depth. I decided to stop there and let the boat sink again since at that point it started to look possible to control the flooding. This time I let the boat sink to A-30 and then ordered the ballast to be blown. This time we surfaced, prepared for surrendering if there were any enemies in sight. To our great relief the aircraft had left.

Took a northeasterly course, away from the air bases in Scotland and back to base. At first we were only able to make 6 knots and diving would have been impossible, because the electrical engines were out. By 0607 hours starboard diesel was repaired and we headed NE at 14 knots. By 0828 hours port electrical engine was repaired and by 0831 hours there was a Metox warning. At this point there were still small leaks, water flooding to central room, but I ordered periscope depth anyways. At this point our 20mm Flakvierling was still not repaired, so fighting would have been even crazier. The boat was now able to keep periscope depth. At 1047 hours we surfaced and to our great joy found out that the weather had changed. It was now raining and the visibility had dropped to 800 - 1000 meters. Changed course back to home, speed AK. By 1358 stern batteries were repaired and leaking on the boat was stopped. By 1709 starboard electric engine was repaired and the boat's pressure hull looked terrible, but everything was functioning again.

Situation report.
Returned to Bergen 25.8.1943 0208 hours. The mechanics at the port looked at our poor boat and said that they had never seen anything in that condition and still floating.

In the port we heard that U-505 has been lost after sinking an escort carrier. The loss feels even heavier than all of the previous losses of our waffenbrüders, since we were so close to death ourselves and lost two of our own crewmen. If our boat had had just a little more damage or if the crewmen would have been three minutes slower in repairing the electrical engine, or if the weather hadn't turned too bad for flying, we would have joined U-505 in the depths. Other boats have had great runs, but their victories give little consolation.

I talked with my officers and we decided to break BdU's Standing war order 481 from now on. When we see airplanes, no matter how close or far, we dive and hope the pressure of water takes some power off of the explosions. We can't stop an airplane diving at us from a high enough angle. Even if we shoot it down, it has enough time to drop it's payload, and the plane might even hit our boat if we kill the pilot or the plane loses it's maneuverability.

I managed to convince FdU Norwegen to accept my decision to give EK2 to everyone on the crew for their immense effort in repairing the boat. In spite of this some of the crewmen look extremely shaken and reluctant to go to sea again.


Kaptain Schlag 06-18-11 02:39 PM

After a several week layoff, U-46 and Kaptain Schlag are back patrolling the Atlantic.

Patrol 10

Ordered to patrol grid DH77

Mid Feb. 1940- On station in and around DH77

Bdu sends contact report for large convoy several grids to the west.

Ahead flank ordered and intercept made. As this was the first convoy contact U-46 was able to engage in this war. excitment was high.

Seas were mildly rough, but skies were overcast and foggy and manual visual contact was made with convoy while submerged. Bow torpedo tubes were expended. It was then realized that no warship contacts were heard. Surface the boat, man the deck gun, we have an unescorted LARGE CONVOY!!!

All torpedoes and deck gun shells were then expended.

50 000 tonnes of enemy shipping, primarily British were sunk.

Return to Wilhelmshaven

:arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::a rrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arr gh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh !::arrgh!:

sublynx 06-18-11 04:31 PM

U-552, patrol 8, report 1
Leutnant. z.s. Alfons Dietzmann
U-552, VIIC
11. Flotille, Bergen
Orders: Patrol AN43
Left Bergen 3.10.1943 1905 hours during an air raid. The port is well defended with heavy Flak and spotlights.
Spotted at least five 4-engined bombers, probably Wellingtons. One was hit in the engine.
Our escort opened fire and was slightly damaged. Otherwise the attack seemed to cause very little damage.

Patrol results.
At 2351 hours, 4.10.1943 a Metox warning. By 0021 5.10.1943 an A/S group of five destroyers seen on the periscope. Course estimated at 202 degrees (quite sure), speed 16 knots (unsure). At 0045 hours two FAT I and one Zaunkönig torpedo shot at a destroyer, which sank by 0053 hours. Because the Zaunkönig was shot from a bow tube we had to dive deep and don't know what torpedo hit the destroyer. Afterwards we were hunted by four A/S destroyers, which were very hard to lose. Intense pinging three times and some less intense pinging frequently. I had to launch seven BOLD's and it took an hour before they lost track of us. One destroyer seemed to stop and listen, while the others dropped DC's. I'm not sure how I managed to shake them from me, but I tried to figure out who was listening and avoid it, while at the same time trying to make sure I was aware if the attacking destroyer was sailing over me. Changing depth and course seemed to help and keeping RPM's at 70, but these destroyers were absolutely much better than anything we've yet countered. Slight damage to the pressure hull while scraping the sea bottom, at about 130 meters. Nine torpedoes left and continuing our patrol.

Snestorm 06-18-11 07:34 PM

U39 IX(A). Patrol 11. Conclusion.
19.mar.42 (Times given ZT - Zone Time).
CA62 (Heavy Fog. Wind 8 M/S.)
Immediately following our last report (here).
0421: Ahead Standard. New depth 48 meters.
0422: (Passing 10 m). "Sound contact! Warship! 153! Medium speed & range! Closing!"
0423: New depth 98 meters. Silent speed.
0426: "Warship lost on 161!"
0427: (Passing 50 m). Depth charges. No damage, as charges fell astern.
0429: (Passing 60 m). Active ASDIC pinging heard.
0432: (Passing 70 m). Depth charges. No damage. "Warship lost on 159."
0437: Distant depth charges heard. "Warship lost on 199."
0525: All contact with enemy warship lost.

2123: "Ship spotted! 335! Long range!"
2124: New depth 100 meters. Ahead full. (No torpedoes).
2126: "Contact! Warship! Constant distance! Medium Speed!
2209: All contact with warship lost.
U39 remained undetected.

13.apr.42 (Medium fog. Wind 15 M/S.)
AE97 (180 miles W of Færøerne.)
1606: "Ship spotted. 346. Long range." Dive.
1608: Ship IDed as merchant, who will also pass N of Færøerne.
No action taken.

0800: Passing Bergen. No sign of U552.

1910: Docked at Kiel. U39 boarded by Commander Training Flotilla.

Patrol results:
Crew & Hull Integrity 100%.
12 of 12 torpedoes expended. (9 TII G7E, 3 TI G7A).
3 ships sunk for 22.293 GRT.

U39's history to date:
11 war patrols completed between 1.sep.39 and 23.apr.42.
27 merchants sunk for 155.883 GRT.
Retired from frontline status, to schoolboat 23.apr.42.
End U39 IX(A) boat career.

Begin U171 IXC boat career.

U171 is scheduled to depart Kiel for fronline service, with the 2.Flotilla, on or about 17.jun.42.

(Having internal stern tubes is going to be a nice step up.)

Kaptain Schlag 06-18-11 10:32 PM

11th patrol
Kaptain Schlag

Patrol Grid AN 68-- Ignored due to idiocy of Krigsmarine Commanders :har:

Instead patrolled west of Scapa Flow down to the northern edge of the Irish Sea.

Southwest of Loch Ewe, contact was made with a task force consisting of the HMS Hood and three destroyers.
Could not get a firing angle on the HMS Hood so it was left to a later fate.

U-46 then engaged a Convoy in the shallow depths north of the Irish Sea where one Granville-Type Freighter was sunk. Two Black Swan's then pursued U-46.

Numerous depth Charge attacks resulted in moderate flooding and destruction of the coning tower, periscope, and flak gun.
Black Swan escorts were dispatched via stern torpedoes as they circled behind at 90 degree angles to stern tubes.
This seems an effective tactic in taking out escorts.

Upon further thought, Kaptain Schlag thought a better approch would have been to engage the leading Swan escort before merchants, hopefully to eliminate one of the escorts. Then the other swan may have been dispatched at a later time. If this was accomplished, U-46 may have had a narrow window with which to surface and engage convoy freely.

Kaptain Schlag then set sail for home sinking one small merchant on the way home and dodged several destroyers on patrol.

2 Black Swan
1 Small Merchant
1 Granville-Typer Freighter
total tonnage ~ 10.000 tonnes
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