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frau kaleun 01-29-11 10:52 PM

Man, it's so good to be playing again. Not bad, either, for my first combat patrol in... sheesh, it's got to be 4-5 months.


reignofdeath 01-29-11 11:21 PM

I keep getting sunk in 1939:shifty: What the hell are these escorts feeding their crew. Theyre depthcharge machines lately it seems. They shouldnt be either.:cry:

VONHARRIS 01-30-11 05:35 AM

From : U-522
To : BdU
July 7 1942
Grid CC 29

Damaged after air attack in CA 27
Unable to dive
Casualties IWO and flak gun crew
Have sunk 64429 tons
Returning to Lorient

Kptltnt von Harris

VONHARRIS 01-30-11 01:05 PM

U-522 update
The last patrol was a very short one

Things are getting tough. Those Brits have learned how to fight us. The Americans are learning too. The anti-sonar coating is not that effective but the Bold decoys may help.

Kapitanleutnant von Harris
Current command: U-522 IXC
Position : Refitting at Lorient
Date : November 1942

Patrols : 19 (I had plenty of time play)
Days at sea: 565
Merchants sunk : 144
Tonnage : 781137 (typing error in previous update)
Warships sunk : 18 (4 x Cl 4 x Aux cruisers 1 x small depot ship 1 x CV)
Tonnage : 139530
Aircrafts downed : 5 (4 x Swordfish 1 x Kingfisher)
Crew losses : 9 men

Missing Name 01-30-11 02:15 PM

:damn: :damn:

Because words can't describe the frustration.

reignofdeath 01-30-11 02:44 PM

I think I had the most eventful patrol of my life just now.

So I was patrolling around AM53, when I get a contact report of a large convoy. I move to intercept and meet up with it at about 6 AM in October of 39 (So it doesnt get light until about 7 30) I run on the surface get ahead into position 90* and 5km out from the most inward and juicy target, a large merchant, which on either side of it in the same row has a medium cargo. I decide to fire one torp at each medium cargo and 2 at the merchant.

After I fire, I start moving at ahead full to set up for a second attack.

One torpedo to the far cargo prematures, one misses the merchant by inches, and the sails under the keel to explode. The last torpedo clips the closest cargo right under the center keel.

After the explosions the escorts never found me, still submerged I make my way to attack position again and fire the same spread, this time the far one prematures again but 2 contact the large merchant and the one for the medium cargo connects. The large merchant sinks and the medium cargo keeps on a chuggin.

I decide this time with 20% battery left that since its daylight I'd need to get behind the convoy and run on the surface shadowing it. So I get what I felt like was behind the convoy enough and surface to start recharging my batteries for a 2nd night attack. Lo and behold, I wasnt far enough and two really pissed off escorts start heading my way (For real these guys must be using super 3D ultrasonic detection, every DC drop was pretty much RIGHT at my depth and almost 5 m either side of me.)

So I dive to P depth and get ready to start manuevers, this is when things get really hairy. First escort comes at me and I turn hard, he hits my conning tower and knocks out my scopes and everything up top. As I'm still thrashing about under water (from being flung by being rammed by the escort) The 2nd comes at me and drops charges, right to the side of me, about 5 explode causing major flooding. I start dropping like a rock and get the repair crews on it.
Cool thing I noticed when in external cam, that I was 'leaking' what seemed to be a dark fluid (Fuel) and a white one (Compressed Air) which I thought was pretty cool that GWX modeled this, as I was indeed leaking fuel because my gauge kept on dropping

As I steady the flooding and level the boat out at about 50 meters, I get two almost simaultaneous runs on me, and you guessed it, they all explode around me. Now Ive got more flooding and Im dropping like a car in free fall from 1000ft. After throwing my electrics to full power and barely staying level, I get leveled off again at about 60 meters. This time, I go deep, to 140 m (I think 150m was the bottom) and keep changing direction and depth.

After a while of that I hit p depth to have a drastic depth change and the worst of my fears comes true again, another near simaultaneous DC attack, and 2 land right on the deck of my sub.

All of a sudden, my Hydrophones are out, the two men in my sonar room are dead. And my fore batteries are destroyed as well as my aft damaged. I have completely uncontrollable flooding this time and my speed slows to 1 knot and I cant maintain depth. I cross my fingers as I sink, and sink, and sink, then I bottom out. This is it I think, a few more runs and Im toast. I figure I can at least fix the flooding and what I can while Im waiting so I set my repair crew on the fixing mission. As they finally stop the rest of the flooding, I sigh with relief, and wait. Either the DCs will get me, or the pressure will. I try a few more times to get what I can out of the batteries but to no avail, I then try and blow my ballast, nothing. Now I'm out of battery and compressed air!!

Another DC attack comes but curiously isnt even close. I can hear the creaking of the pressure hull, only a few more minutes before it bursts. And with one more last hurrah, I push my engines to all ahead. Then to my utter enjoyment, and suprise, the depth gauge starts to rise!! I watch as we eventually creep back to P depth and start the 5 hour long process of evading these two nasty nasty escorts (Seriously, somebody fed this crew testosterone booster or something, they were annngry) Eventually one runs out of DCs and keeps running into my conning tower only to rip a hole in his hull and sink himself. The second runs out of DCs on the back rack and can only throw them to the side, which does him no good because each run hes on top of me, so he wastes his remaining DCs.

Eventually I creep away and he rejoins the convoy.:o I survived a Das Boot moment and dammit I am freaking proud!:yeah: U-36 is now on her way back to Wilhelmshaven for some scary scary stories and plenty of well needed drinks!


Schwieger 01-30-11 02:49 PM

Haha, close Casey. Had that happen a few times in the Med. Usually stick to the Atlantic now, lol

gazpode_l 01-30-11 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by USNSRCaseySmith (Post 1586635)
Eventually I creep away and he rejoins the convoy.:o I survived a Das Boot moment and dammit I am freaking proud!:yeah: U-36 is now on her way back to Wilhelmshaven for some scary scary stories and plenty of well needed drinks!


WOW Casey! Sounded like some tussle u had there with the allies! :rock:

Congrats on surviving and making it bk for some well needed R&R :up:

gazpode_l 01-30-11 04:12 PM

My Campaign
I restarted my campaign yesterday (saturday) after a longer period of not playing that FR Kaluen (member) had. :yeah:

The last time I remember playing this was probably april 2010!!!! :hmmm:

My third career in SH3 (with GWX) and my first two ended up as follows;
1) going after a convoy I encountered the beastly NELSON - sent off four torpedoes, only to have two detonate, and two mis-fire due to range (hit but failed to go-off) :damn:

got discovered my two flower class's and an A&B destroyer, DC'd to hell with the flower getting the credit when they nailed me with a direct hit.

2) my second career the day I died was eventful to say the least, got chased by a fast attack patrol, who i eventually dispatched by deck-gun fire, and got myself an armed trawler just some SW of ireland but after I got rammed by the cheeky sod, we eventually MAY have bought it by DC from a flower class, OR crushing.. :dead:

OK so my third career is in U-93 (VIIB) and we are just away from Kiel and were somewhere abrest of "Kristensand"- if you look on googlemaps zoomed at 20km/20miles there is a label for ferry route E39, we are there at the point of my last save (RL Time 18:00hrs saturday 29th Jan)

Hoping to get some more play in tonight....:timeout:

Will check the gory details of my former careers in SH3 commander later and re-post or edit. :88)

frau kaleun 01-30-11 07:58 PM

U-35, Oblt. Kurt Schaaf commanding, our second combat patrol with the 2nd Flotilla.

We left Willy on Oct 5 1939 and, except for a few neutrals and friendlies in the North Sea, we have not had a single merchant contact. Not one. Nada. Nichts. Sounds boring, right? Mais non, mes amis!

Somewhere, a carrier is wondering where all its planes went. My flak gunner has shot down 18 - yes, that's right, 18 - Swordfish. So far. They come in threes, and go down in threes. And they just keep coming. Even when we dive and change course after an encounter hoping to throw off any additional pursuit based on a contact report one of them might get off before we dunk him in the drink.

Oh and yeah we've encountered three task forces... one we got a radio report about, and since its reported course had it coming southeast behind us as we cleared the Shetlands, we turned around and tried to intercept. Got close enough to make visual contact... 4 destroyers, I think, plus 2 Southhampton class, 1 Renown class... and the HMS Hood. But they were going so fast we never could get close enough to line up a shot. :wah: But we called in their current position, maybe somebody else will have a shot at 'em.

And I guess our other two contacts so far count as task forces, each had one V&W class and two auxiliary cruisers.

Whoever was in command of the DD in the first group should be taken out and shot, as we were able to get in close enough to get off two quick shots at the first cruiser and then another two at the second. This was at periscope depth, after dark, but still. From within 1000 meters even.

At least one eel was a dud, but we got hits on both cruisers and one sank while we did a crash dive and evasive manuevers thinking the DD that was now coming our way would surely go after us with a vengeance. But I don't think it ever dropped a charge anywhere near enough to endanger us at all. Finally convinced that it had no clue what it was doing or where to do it, we crept back up to p-depth to set up whatever additional shots we could. Somewhere during all of that was when the first cruiser sank, we must've got two hits on it.

The second one had a fire on the forward deck and her bow looked to be a bit low in the water but she was still making about 4 knots. We were running silent and not reloading so all I had left was the stern tube, which we lined up and fired from within about 600 meters. Direct hit, and she went down while we dove again just in case the DD (which was scanning the surface with searchlights about 2 km aft of the second cruiser) had a competent XO who decided to throw his CO over the side and assume command. But apparently this was not the case, because we were able to slink away 120m down running silent and she didn't put up much of a chase at all.

That TF we were able to intercept after receiving a contact report, she just happened to be in the neighborhood and heading in the right direction.

The next one we sighted on our own, we were heading due north and spotted another DD off our port bow heading due east. Behind her were another 2 aux cruisers, all making about 14 knots. We turned due east and went to flank speed to get just out of visual range, and then dropped back to 16 knots to get a good jump on their projected course. A couple quick dives to check the 'phones along the way confirmed that they had not altered course. So after about two hours of running just ahead of them on a parallel course, we turned due north again and dropped back to 1/3 ahead until they came into view. The sun was just setting so we went to periscope depth and crept forward to the projected intercept point, running silent at 2 knots. The DD may have spotted our 'scope when I popped it up once for a quick position check, because she started working the searchlights, but maybe not because she never altered course to come looking any harder.

Unlike our previous encounter, we had relatively calm seas this time around so I took a chance on magnetics and set up all four forward eels to run at 11 meters with mag fuses. I was able to get the two shots off at the first cruiser, but while I was waiting to do so I realized I had either gotten in a little too close for comfort, or else the second cruiser had spotted our 'scope and altered course to ram us - because she was coming right for us. Fortunately she was a good way behind her sister ship and we got the shots off and I sounded the alarm for a crash dive and down we went.

Both eels detonated under the keel of the first cruiser, and she was a goner. The second cruiser hung around for a bit and then continued on, but the DD this time around was a tenacious little bugger AND called in reinforcements, as after about an hour another DD showed up to help hunt for us. And she was quicker on the uptake, as she managed to get a good idea of our position after the first cruiser was hit and dropped some DCs on us when we weren't as deep as I would've liked. We took some minor damage to one 'scope and the guns, but nothing that compromised us too badly, as we were able to continue down to 120m without any trouble.

But she (and her eventual backup) didn't want to let us go...took about two hours of real time to finally shake them off. They'd get close and drop DCs, but nothing went off deep enough to do more than rattle the cutlery. So... two hours of running silent and deep until they finally gave up and went away.

It's now Oct 22, 2 1/2 weeks into our patrol and we have yet to see, much less attack and sink, any enemy merchants. And even with a short diversion of our course to get out of "Swordfish alley" (as the boys are now calling it) and take advantage of a spell of calm weather to load the externals... I only have 5 torpedoes left! And not a merchant in sight!

I guess BdU will just have to make do with 3 auxiliary cruisers and 18 Allied aircraft. :O:

FWIW this was all in square AM - AM33 for the first two cruisers, AM 24 for the third. The aircraft have been in AM22, 24, & 25.

gazpode_l 01-30-11 08:45 PM

U-93 continued it's career this evening and into small hrs of monday morning.. (RL time). :woot: :ahoy:

Un-eventful trip until just NE of Scappa Flow when we have a ship spotted report from the bridge....a few extremities later from the skipper he reports that he has spotted the HMS Nelson. Near scappa in March 1940. :timeout: :stare:

So A A flank was ordered and we decided to give chase. Tubes 1 & 4 were (with type II's inside) setup for shots with impact fuses and 5m depths and tube 2 setup for 4m depth @ fast speed. :yep:

Evident I had rumbled myself into a mid-sized task force. Not sure how big but spotted at least three in the group with a small escort. :rock:

Was going to wait until 2km away before firing, but I lost that chance when a sharp-eyed lookout amongst the allies spotted me. :doh::doh::timeout: So It was FIRE! immediately on tubes 1&4 before I ordered a crash dive to 50metres as the allies had opened gun-fire on me.

Barely a minute later "WASSEBOMEN" was heard exploding around us, luckily the allies aim wasn't great and they missed us. Cue a 30minute (real life & game time set to 1x speed) tussle between myself and the V&W destroyer chasing me... :gulp:

3mins after I fired the torpedoes, two explosions are heard. One was a definate hit on the nelson (thanks to event camera) whereas the other seemed to detonate behind her. No cheering was made from the crew which suggests a premature detonation was possible. :shifty:

R/L Time has beaten me to it, so I had to leave things as they were with V&W seemingly lost contact - for how long, I am not sure ATM. :zzz: :yawn:

Skipper Walter Suhr. :salute:

frau kaleun 01-30-11 11:24 PM

Live by the Swordfish, die by the Swordfish
25 Oct 1939
To: BdU
From: U-35

It is with great regret that I report the death in action of Bootsmaat Alfred Parzmair on 23 October.

During our current patrol southwest of the Faroe Islands Alfred had shown great discipline and skill in the downing of 18 British aircraft, most likely flying reconnaissance from the Illustrious class carrier known to be in the area.

On the morning of 23 October, what appeared to be a lone 19th plane was spotted and subsequently shot down by Bootsmaat Parzmair before making its first run at our boat. He remained at his post manning the AA gun until the "all clear" was given and the officer on watch confirmed that no other aircraft had been spotted.

He was halfway down the ladder into the conning tower when one of the watch spotted a second plane, coming in out of the sun and already homing in for an attack run at full speed. Bootsmaat Parzmair immediately returned to the bridge, likewise at full speed, pushing one watchman down and out of the line of fire in order to retake his place at the AA gun.

He was able to fire several rounds at the incoming plane but was himself wounded when it strafed the boat on its first pass. By then the alarm had been sounded and we were able to lower Alfred into the conning tower and then the control room as the emergency dive procedures were underway.

Damage to the boat was light and was subesquently repaired, however Parzmair died of his wounds shortly thereafter and was buried at sea in Grid AM2122 on 24 October.

As our return to Wilhelmshaven would have marked the completion of his second combat patrol, I would like to ensure that Bootsmaat Parzmair is posthumously awarded the U-Boat War Badge along with any other crewmen who are qualified to receive it at that time. I am also recommending that he be posthumously awarded the Iron Cross, Second Class for his service and the sacrifice it unfortunately entailed.

- Oblt. Kurt Schaaf, Kommandant

Walruss 01-31-11 04:38 AM

Captains Log, August 20, 1939

3 weeks we've been out at sea now- There was rumors of war when we left but so far nothing has changed. We've sighted several ships, including a German small merchantman who was kind enough to share some schnapps with us, however otherwise this patrol has been nothing more than dull.

The weather has not been terribly kind either- We have been stuck in rough seas and storms for over a week now, however as my XO pointed out, what's the worst it could do, sink us?

The men are bored, though I think my engineering officer has cannibalized enough parts to jury-rig a still down in the stern torpedo room... I must pay him a visit soon.

Damn, I hope this war starts or BDu calls us back... one way or another it would beat sitting around on these god-forsaken waves for weeks on end!

Uberlt z.s. Klaus Sauerkraut,
O.C. U-35

Mike Abberton 01-31-11 11:01 AM

First Campaign
Hello All. First post here. P.aying SHIII with GWX.

Started a career out of Kiel in a IIA. Upgraded to a IID. Patrols 1-4, I'd sunk a couple ships but nothing too large (largest was a Granville class freighter - maybe 4600ish tons).

I just completed patrol 5 (Feb 1940) with a little better luck in the end. We were sent to patrol NW of Scapa Flow.

Started bad with a missed shot at a coastal freighter (didn't want to waste a second torp on such a small vessel). Then bad weather set in. Kept finding small ships, and didn't want to waste torps in the heavy seas at shallow draft ships.

Got a contact report and followed it with rough seas still. I get close expecting another mini, but see a beautiful large freighter in the scope. Nervous about the weather and my still spotty tracking skills (I'm manual TDC'ing everything), I let go with all 3 and get 3 hits!!! More than doubled my total haul in 1 salvo. Finished out the patrol with a coastal freighter with the last torp and headed home.


frau kaleun 01-31-11 11:52 AM

Welcome aboard, Mike! :salute:

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