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Subsim Crews
A group for posting Destroyer Command stuff and hosting MP sessions
3 0 0 2
Subsim Crews
Tentative de créer une communauté francophone. Tous sujets en expression française dans le cadre de ce forum bien entendu. Entraide, jeu en groupe, etc. Attempt to create a francophone community. All subjects in French expression within the framework of this forum of course. Mutual aid, group play, etc.
3 0 0 0
Subsim Crews
It consists of all navy war game
1 1 1 0
04:17 AM
Subsim Crews
The goal of the group is for those with limited to no modding experience to share our experiences of learning how to mod modding, help each other out when we get stuck, help future modders out by creating a guide for the stuff we learn(something sorely needed) and creating mods together with the ultimate goal being the creation of our own super-mod(but that'd be a bit down the line) and having fun. -Original Founding Message from Admiral Halsey I decided to try and revive the NMTF for two reasons: One, to help noobs get into modding, and two, to make a guide that will help said noobs get into modding. The guide will be an edited compilation of everything we know and are learning about modding SH4.
6 4 13 0
05:56 PM
Wolfpack Crews
Welcome to Wolfpack Commanders, the group formed from Silent Hunter 3 and 5 players of all levels and agas!
31 2 5 0
11:27 PM
Wolfpack Crews
Join this group if you use your flak instead of diving!
10 1 6 1
04:57 PM
Wolfpack Crews
Onkel Neal's Wolfpack crew, anyone is welcome to join. Time zone: CST USA, evenings, weekends English
9 1 1 1
11:28 PM
Wolfpack Crews
Dedicated to learning and Playing Wolf Pack, If you are new to the game join us, share your knowledge,as we share ours.
11 2 4 0
05:27 AM
Wolfpack Crews
Wolfpack Adler UK Based Group
3 1 3 0
05:28 PM
Wolfpack Crews
Good day sailors our aim is to keep the silent hunter alive as many of us still love it, we created a multiplayer group on discord and we have successfully connected all players we host games weekly, if you are interested you may join here, thank you
2 0 0 0
Wolfpack Crews
5 83 162 0
07:16 AM
Wolfpack Crews
‘Attack on Titan’ is a Japanese dark fantasy anime TV series. The show debuted in 2013 and gained immense love and became one of the most popular anime series of all time. The story of the series will lock the audience in their seats with wanting more. Over the years, Attack on Titan has become one of the biggest names in the manga industry. Despite airing its first season nearly eight years ago, the anime holds a significant place on the list of popular anime series of all time.
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Wolfpack Crews
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