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Latest Files
Latest Files
Most Popular Files
Most Popular Files
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Exp.Pack_v2.2.24_Full 66,745
Mod enabler JSGME (correct ) 44,908
Open Horizons II v2.5 44,374
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 - Updated 03-22-2010 38,983
SH3-Resolution-Fix 32,019
Accurate German Flags V.1.01 30,890
TheDarkWraith's New UI for SH5 v7.4.2 30,417
Sober Silent Hunter 5 Mega Mod (New Version) 27,976
Trigger Maru Overhauled ver 2.5 26,028
The Wolves of Steel v2.2.x to v2.2.24_Update 25,580
Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_1_4 23,076
100_FalloftheRisingSun_Ultimate_v1.7p3 22,790
MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD 22,265
GWX3.0 SH3 Cmdr3.2 config files v1.2 installer 21,404
SH3 Commander 20,637
Grey Wolves 3.0 GOLD Edition Expansion 19,706
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 19,035
Thomsen's Sound Pack v3.2 18,814
OpsMonsun_V705 17,671
Better And Realistic Flotation v1.3 16,462
Top Contributors
Top Contributors

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Category Description Files
Gameplay mods

Gameplay mods
Mods that change the nature of the game, tweak realism, and generate more excitement. 780
Graphics mods

Graphics mods
You paid for a $300 video card, make your sub shine in all its glory!
Sub Categories: Skins, Ships, Pinups
Missions and Maps

Missions and Maps
Single player missions and new patrol zones to keep the hunt going. 124
Multiplayer missions

Multiplayer missions
New patrol areas and combat zones for wolfpacks and diehard sub skipper group play. 4
Sound FX Mods

Sound FX Mods
New crew voices, menu music, gramophone tracks, audio radio traffic, environment sounds, and audio effects. In a sub, sound is everything. 176
Mega Mods

Mega Mods
These mods suites have sound, graphics, and gameplay tweaks all thrown in for your undersea enjoyment. 116
Game patches

Game patches
Official and semi-official fixes and feature enhancements 9

Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Tutorial for 100% realism manual targeting : My tutorial for 100% realism manual targeting OK here is a quick tutorial I have setup with my procedures for manual targeting while ... [more] (1.02 MB)   Pinned File 03-22-2010 5672 15
Downloads  USNI December 2021 Bleak December.pdf : Article from USNI History - December 2021 Issue Donated by KaleunMarco, United States Naval Institute Lifetime Member (223.5 KB) 11-04-2021 27 0
Downloads  The Last Cruise of the Halibut.PDF : Naval Institute Proceedings Naval History Magazine Volume 35, Number 2 I thought that you would find this interesting and instructiv ... [more] (187.2 KB) 03-05-2021 29 0
Downloads  Early War Scopes V2 : This corrects what I think is an error in the sim for the older boats such as Salmon, Sargo, Porpoise, and S class. If look at the mode ... [more] (1.23 MB) 02-26-2021 52 0
Downloads  RealscopesV2 : Modified my previous "Real scopes mod" so scopes have better zoom for attack scope, observation scope, binoculars, and TDC. Plus, ther ... [more] (1.07 MB) 02-26-2021 81 3
Downloads  SH4 (3D) Gato Class : This is the Gato Class submarine which I converted to 3D, it is an addition to SH4 (3D) and my Menu Graphics uploads, please download a ... [more] (9.60 MB) 11-26-2020 197 1
Downloads  SH4 (3D) S-18 Class : This is the S-18 Class submarine which I converted to 3D, it is an addition to SH4 (3D) and my Menu Graphics uploads, please download a ... [more] (30.71 MB) 11-24-2020 130 1
Downloads  SH4 (3D) Balao Class : This is the Balao Class submarine which I converted to 3D, it is an addition to SH4 (3D) and my Menu Graphics uploads, please download ... [more] (151.85 MB) 11-09-2020 183 2
Downloads  SH4 (3D) Menu Graphics : This is an addition to SH4 (3D), which I forgot to add. (8.08 MB) 11-08-2020 109 0
Downloads  SH4 (3D) : This mod will totally transform SH4 into a 3D environment, hopefully it will increase and spark your interest in this old simulation, w ... [more] (94.11 MB) 11-05-2020 351 3
Downloads  Learn from Fleet Boat Development _ Naval History : Learn from Fleet Boat Development. Article from USNI History Essay Contest - February 2020 Donated by KaleunMarco, United States N ... [more] (568.9 KB) 02-16-2020 62 0
Downloads  English_translation_LITE_SW110 : English translation lite for SW 1.10 (Sowjet Fairway - Battle For The Baltic) BETA, some map locations and equipment translations are m ... [more] (9.25 MB) 10-02-2019 186 2
Downloads  English_translation_full_KSDII 1.14 : Full english translation for Knights of the sea depths II 1.14:yep: (3.92 MB) 04-03-2019 263 0
Downloads  v0.81 RC1 BaseSub : Data set of sub availability at the different bases for the FalloftheRisingSun mod. (37.5 KB) 03-30-2019 162 1
Downloads  IJN Type 93 Torpedos Article : from April 2019 USNI History Periodical (202.8 KB) 03-11-2019 56 1
Downloads  Midwife to the Fleet : The roots of the blue-water submarines that devastated the Japanese fleet in World War II can be traced back to the first years of the ... [more] (77.3 KB) 07-07-2018 52 1
Downloads  AI Torpedo : This mod gives the Ai some basic torpedo launch capability from ships, such as PT's and Destroyers. The aim isn't the best, but because ... [more] (36.7 KB) 10-19-2017 90 0
Downloads : Uploaded here due to dead links. Thread: (1.9 KB) 04-30-2017 285 0
Downloads  HMS Astute : This is the HMS Astute playable sub made by Iowa101. It seems to need a bit of polishing as of my version so I only recommend downloadi ... [more] (6.25 MB) 02-01-2017 151 6
Downloads : .csv files for sh4speech by minsc_tdp. These update the TMO compatability to the current TMO 2.5 version, to account for new features/ ... [more] (29.7 KB) 04-03-2016 67 1
Downloads  SH4 Keyboard Configurator : Features: Easily edit which keys go to which commands, without having to worry about hex codes. Easily identify which keys are not in u ... [more] (117.1 KB) 09-15-2015 326 0
Downloads  Elite_German_Crew_Members : Guten Morgan, Mates! I've been working on the elite German side as promised. All stations work. Except the Conning Tower. Not tested in ... [more] (175.0 KB) 09-04-2015 155 1
Downloads  Elite_Crew_Complete : Hello, Mates! I now have the complete crew mod, this is an elite crew. Designed to take you deep into enemy Territory and survive. You ... [more] (17.15 MB) 08-26-2015 449 4
Downloads  Manuals : Hello, Mates! I've added some manuals, the original and a very hard to find Fleet submarine manual. So if your truly interested in lear ... [more] (8.06 MB) 04-06-2015 410 2
Downloads  SH4 Pacific blue V2 : This is version 2 updated. Now includes a (black and white mod) for SH4 to experience it like an old WW2 movie- this took some (give i ... [more] (6.97 MB) 03-13-2015 449 7
Downloads  MidwayCareer with balao 1941 : Here is the download link to the mod midway career with balao 1941 you can now have the balao in 1941 its jsgme ready and I owe the th ... [more] (3.8 KB) 06-19-2014 657 3
Downloads  SH4 Report generator ver. 5102 : Kim Ronhof has graciously released his SH4 Report generator ver. 5102. When correctly installed it should automatically find all your ... [more] (850.9 KB) 04-24-2012 400 7
Downloads  GWX_SH4_Terrain_mod : This is a set of Terrain files for SH4. (844.6 KB) 03-22-2012 328 2
Downloads  GWX_SH4TerrainEX : Terrain Extractor for SH4. (4.09 MB) 03-22-2012 180 0
Downloads  GIMP DDS Plugin : DDS Plugin fir GIMP that allows the opening of dds files. (34.7 KB) 08-09-2010 260 0

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